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Xandria, Kobra and the Lotus and Once Human @Adrenaline 5-26-17

by: Matt Vicente 

On Friday May 26, 2017, Germany’s Symphonic metal band Xandria rolled into Las Vegas on their current U.S. tour with fellow Napalm Records label-mates, Canada’s Kobra and the Lotus, as well as newcomers Once Human (featuring Logan Mader of Soulfly/Machine Head fame). 

Read more of Matt’s review June 1st when the new issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine here: Sin City Presents Magazine

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Evergrey, Seven Kingdoms, NEED, & Ascendia @Adrenaline 5-15-17

Evergrey-Seven Kingdoms-Need-Ascendia 5-15-17

by: Leah Burlington

Evergrey is a progressive power metal band from Gothenburg Sweden and has been around since 1995. Their first album “The Dark Discovery” came out in 1998. Since then they have put out nine more albums, with the newest masterpiece, “The Storm Within”, which they are doing a tour for now in the states. Evergrey doesn’t get to tour here often, but they have done some excellent shows at the Prog-Power USA festival, that happens every year in Atlanta, Georgia. They have headlined this fest and they have also debuted new albums there (Which I have been there for) Evergrey is a big part of the fest and pretty much they are like family to us…

Read more of my review in the June issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine out June 1st here:  Sin City Presents Magazine

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Skid Row & KIX@ The Cannery, Las Vegas 5-13-17

Back in the 80’s glam/hair metal ruled the world. Those were easier times, full of decadence and fun. Rebellion and rock n roll. Here we are in 2017, so much has changed for the worse, but the only thing we can rely on to stay true is rock n roll. Thankfully there are still a lot of great bands out there from those days that still tour and even put out great new music. Two of those bands are Skid Row and KIX…

Read more of my review in the June issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine out June 1st here: Sin City Presents Magazine


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LA Guns @ Count’s Vamp’d 5-5-17

La Guns put on a show that took me back to 1988 when I saw them open for Def Leppard in an arena. Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis are back together with some kind of new refreshed energy. Something that could be called magic. The chemistry is back and their solid line up of Michael Grant, Johnny Martin and Shane Thomas Fitzgibbon is nothing short of miraculous!! The whole band melds perfectly and is high energy rock n roll!! I feel like I was ran over by a freight train last night. It was in your face pure rock n roll intensity!! Damn, what a show!!! Go see these guys you will thank me later…
( PS: LA Guns are working on a new album with Tracii and Phil together again for the first time in many years!! Cannot wait to hear what they come up with!!)
More “Live With Leah” photo’s in the June issues of “Sin City” Presents Magazine out June 1st here: “Sin City” Presents
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Adam Bomb & the SST Debut Show @Count’s Vamp’d 4-21-17

Adam Bomb is back, he’s in Vegas and has a new band comprised of his old buddy bassist, Scott Earl and he’s bringing in some new Vegas blood, guitarist Morpheus Blak, and drummer, Johnny Rude. Adam Rocks Like Fuck, plays guitars that light up and even burns one onstage at the end of his show. He plays like his life depends on it! He breathes rock n roll. These guys put on a killer high energy show and just ripped up the stage opening for Black n Blue.

You can get Adam Bomb’s book here:  911 is Disconnected: So This is Rock and Roll


Setlist @Vamp’d

1. SST

2. Crazy mother fucker

3. I want my heavy metal

4. Ja t’Aime baby

5. New York New York

6. D. W.

I 7. Rock like Fuck

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Randy Rhoads Remembered @Count’s Vamp’d 3-24-17

Review by: Leah Burlington

The Randy Rhoads Remembered show at Count’s Vampd was a very exciting show to see as it was my  first time ever seeing it and the first time they did the show in Vegas and of course it was at our second home, Count’s Vamp’d.

It was hosted by Joe Sutton, Kelle Rhoads and Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio, Randy’s brother and sister. There were heart -felt  stories throughout the night about the Guitar God that was taken from us far too soon and many tears fell, but then the music started and everyone went crazy, as Ozzy would have put it. Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt and Raiding the Rock Vault) came out and played an acoustic set first off. After that the house band, made up of Rudy Sarzo, Brian Tichy, and a ton of talented guitar players that are the who’s who of meta  played the entire “Blizzard of Oz” and “Diary of a Madman” albums  as well as some Quiet Riot songs. The breathtaking vocals of Frank DiMino (Angel) started this epic show off singing a great rendition of “I Don’t Know.”


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