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Queen Nation @The Cannery Las Vegas

The BEST tribute to Queen is Queen Nation. They have the best set list because they play the hits as well as some of the older songs that you rarely hear from the early 70’s. That is my favorite time for Queen. These guys are the real deal!!

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Vegas BD Party for Mary Kryah @Count’s Vamp’d 9-27-17

Vegas musicians came out to celebrate our dear friend and amazing singer, Mary Kryah’s Birthday at Vamp’d!!!

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The Dead Daisies @Count’s Vamp’d 8-27-17

“Rock’n’Roll like this is a rarity these days: dirty, passionate, full of anger and lust for life, without irony or distance.” – Rolling Stone, Germany

by: Leah Burlington

There’s a lot more to The Dead Daisies then meets the eye and they have a Bio on their website to explain in detail the bands evolution. The Dead Daisies Bio It entails who has been in the band and all the amazing places they have played around the world in their five short years as a band. They have a revolving door of talented musicians, but the line up they have now to me is the best.

The Dead Daisies, formed in 2012 by guitarist David Lowy, are a musical collective created by a rotating line-up that has featured some of the best Rock musicians on the planet. Their current line-up is, Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/Dio), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe/The Scream), David Lowy (Red Phoenix/Mink), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake),Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne/Billy Idol)

The Dead Daisies have three albums out with the newest that came out in 2016 ,“Make Some Noise” and live DVD “Live and Louder” which just came out last May.

More of the review in the next issue of Sin City Presents Magazine

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Quiet Riot @Golden Nugget, Vegas 7-21-17

Quiet Riot: Golden Nugget Showroom, Vegas 7-21-17

(#Live With Leah)

I had a fantastic night seeing some kick ass live rock n roll with Quiet Riot downtown at the Nugget!! New singer, James Durbin is such an excellent singer and front man. He did a great job fronting this legendary band!!!  They sounded sonically perfect and the lights were great in the theater in The Golden Nugget. Frankie Banali, Chuck Wright, and Alex Grossi rocked hard and had a blast with their new singer. These guys put on a killer show! My only complaint was: Seats suck. Especially at a metal show!! I want to feel the energy exchange from the band to the audience and visa -versa. You can’t do that sitting on your ass. In the words of the infamous Dee Snider: There is NO sitting in heavy metal!! But it was still a great show!! Great set list as well!!I got to hear a lot of the old classics and a couple of new songs like “Freak Show” that went over very well live. Was awesome to hear “The Wild and the Young”, one of my fave old QR songs. James brings a new young energy to the band and with one of the best rock voices out there, this could be a fresh start for Quiet Riot!

Special thanks to Frankie Banali!!

The new album “Road Rage” drops August 3rd.

Set List:  Run For Cover, Slick Back Cadillac, Whatever, Sign of the Times, Love’s a Bitch, Condition Critical, Put up, Thunderbird, Party All Night, Freak Flag, Bass Case, The Wild and the Young, Let’s get Crazy, Cum On Feel the Noise, Bang your Head.

Also in the August issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine here: “Sin City” Presents

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Xandria, Kobra and the Lotus and Once Human @Adrenaline 5-26-17

by: Matt Vicente 

On Friday May 26, 2017, Germany’s Symphonic metal band Xandria rolled into Las Vegas on their current U.S. tour with fellow Napalm Records label-mates, Canada’s Kobra and the Lotus, as well as newcomers Once Human (featuring Logan Mader of Soulfly/Machine Head fame). 

Read more of Matt’s review June 1st when the new issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine here: Sin City Presents Magazine

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Evergrey, Seven Kingdoms, NEED, & Ascendia @Adrenaline 5-15-17

Evergrey-Seven Kingdoms-Need-Ascendia 5-15-17

by: Leah Burlington

Evergrey is a progressive power metal band from Gothenburg Sweden and has been around since 1995. Their first album “The Dark Discovery” came out in 1998. Since then they have put out nine more albums, with the newest masterpiece, “The Storm Within”, which they are doing a tour for now in the states. Evergrey doesn’t get to tour here often, but they have done some excellent shows at the Prog-Power USA festival, that happens every year in Atlanta, Georgia. They have headlined this fest and they have also debuted new albums there (Which I have been there for) Evergrey is a big part of the fest and pretty much they are like family to us…

Read more of my review in the June issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine out June 1st here:  Sin City Presents Magazine

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Skid Row & KIX@ The Cannery, Las Vegas 5-13-17

Back in the 80’s glam/hair metal ruled the world. Those were easier times, full of decadence and fun. Rebellion and rock n roll. Here we are in 2017, so much has changed for the worse, but the only thing we can rely on to stay true is rock n roll. Thankfully there are still a lot of great bands out there from those days that still tour and even put out great new music. Two of those bands are Skid Row and KIX…

Read more of my review in the June issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine out June 1st here: Sin City Presents Magazine


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LA Guns @ Count’s Vamp’d 5-5-17

La Guns put on a show that took me back to 1988 when I saw them open for Def Leppard in an arena. Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis are back together with some kind of new refreshed energy. Something that could be called magic. The chemistry is back and their solid line up of Michael Grant, Johnny Martin and Shane Thomas Fitzgibbon is nothing short of miraculous!! The whole band melds perfectly and is high energy rock n roll!! I feel like I was ran over by a freight train last night. It was in your face pure rock n roll intensity!! Damn, what a show!!! Go see these guys you will thank me later…
( PS: LA Guns are working on a new album with Tracii and Phil together again for the first time in many years!! Cannot wait to hear what they come up with!!)
More “Live With Leah” photo’s in the June issues of “Sin City” Presents Magazine out June 1st here: “Sin City” Presents