Jizzy Pearl & Love/Hate @Count’s Vamp’d 6-23-18

Jizzy Pearl & Love/Hate @Count’s Vamp’d 6-23-18

Jizzy Pearl’s Love/ Hate @ Count’s Vamp’d  6-25-18

by: Leah Burlington

I remember in 1990 this killer album by this killer new band called Love/Hate. The album, “Blackout in a Red Room”, was instantly a classic and still holds true today. I loved this album so much, that when Love/Hate came to Vegas to play one of the coolest rock clubs of its day, Calamity Jane’s, I had to be there. I don’t remember much from almost thirty years ago, but I do remember this: Love/Hate tore up that stage with pure rock n roll intensity and unbridled energy!! This new front man named Jizzy Pearl, was a force to reckoned with. This band was so hard core, they were almost punk!! They all had matching black and red stage clothes and Jizzy had a cross made of bud cans. I will never forget that and they were awesome!!

Fast forward about thirty years and Jizzy Pearl is living in Las Vegas, having played over the years in Ratt, LA Guns, and sometimes with The Sin City Sinners. Now he has gone back to his roots and recorded a new album with Love/Hate called “All You Need is Soul”, which came out in April of this year. He is on the road doing the “Sticks and Stones” tour with band mates, original Love/Hate drummer Joey Gold, guitarist Darren Housholder, and bassist Doc Ellis, from the Sin City Sinners / Original Sin, who is a major player here in the Vegas scene.

I haven’t seen Love/Hate live in many years and I was truly excited to see them again after all these years although it’s only Jizzy and Joey from the original band. This “new” band unleashed the fury of rock from the moment they stepped onstage until the end of the show and that is saying something. Jizzy sounded amazing and had a lot of energy, hamming up for my camera and just being Jizzy. He commanded the stage like the old days and he was having a blast!! His guitarist really blew me away. This blonde tan man with muscles(Darren Housholder), played that guitar like he was lifting,(well the expressions on his face looked like he was lifting!) although the guitar looked tiny in his hands! This guy was up front and center, in my face all the while I was shooting. He is fun to shoot and he shreds!! Doc Ellis played bass with his friend Jizzy on this show, and we all love Doc and his cool demeanor with smoke trailing around his head while rocking that bass. Classic drummer Joey was keeping that back beat alive and hard!! These guys were tight as a band!! I really enjoyed seeing these guys live and loved the energy of the show!! I even told Jizzy later that they and he sounded just as good now as he did almost thirty years ago!! It was an absolutely great show with old classics from “Red Room” and songs off the new album!! If they come to your town, make sure to go see them!!

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Dio Disciples @Count’s Vamp’d 6-29-18

Dio Disciples @Count’s Vamp’d 6-29-18

Dio Disciples: Count’s Vamp’d 6-29-18

By: Leah Burlington #LiveWithLeah2018

Dio Disciples are three of five members of the Dio band from back in the day, which is Scott Warren, Craig Goldy and Simon Wright, along with bassist Bjorn Englen, Tim Owens, Oni Logan and sometimes Mark Boals on vocals. Dio had many band members come and go over the years, but Dio Disciples are officially sanctioned by Wendy Dio, Ronnie’s wife. I just learned that Tim “Ripper” Owens, Oni Logan, Craig Goldy, Bjorn Englen, Scott Warren and Simon Wright are expected to start studio sessions in the near future for an original album as well as a new and improved Ronnie James Dio hologram.

I had an amazing time at the Dio Disciples show! It’s always great to see these guys do all the legendary Dio songs and really great to see my friend Bjorn Englen and Tim “Ripper” Owens slaying onstage again. It’s has been a few years since I have seen them. The whole band was super tight and they kicked ass with so much great energy and talent! Tim sang his ass off and still sounds amazing!! It was a killer set as always and they always bring the wonderful energy of Ronnie with them back to the stage. You can really feel him when they play his music. I really miss seeing Dio live…

The band came out after the show and signed everything and posed for photos. These guys learned from the best. Ronnie James Dio. That is how he was. Kind and generous to all his fans, interested in what people had to say and he never let a fan down. Craig, Scott, Simon, Tim and Bjorn, were all gracious to us. Thanks guys!!! We all had a blast!! Thank you Dio Disciples for coming to rock the stage again at Count’s Vamp’d!!!


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Punky Meadows & Frank DiMino of ANGEL @Count’s Vamp’d 6-15-18

Punky Meadows & Frank DiMino of ANGEL @Count’s Vamp’d 6-15-18


by: Jay Rice

Friday night June 15th will go down as one of the greatest Rock & Roll moments of my life, seeing Punky Meadows and Frank DiMino together again, playing an all Angel set at the legendary Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a successful series of East Coast shows that reached New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, the guys moved their talents to the West for another round of high energy Rock & Roll.

Hitting the stage with “On The Rocks” from 1977’s classic album “On Earth As it Is In Heaven”, Punky and Frank, along with fellow band mates Danny Farrow (rhythm guitar), Steve E. Ojane (bass), Charlie Calv  (keyboards) and Billy Orrico (drums), raised the crowd level to 10 with Frank’s soaring vocals and Punky’s melting licks that were only matched by the gleaming smiles on both of their faces as they enjoyed the immediate love and approval of their adoring fans. Fans whose dreams were answered after so many years of wanting and praying to hear Live Angel music again. Wasting no time they followed up with another “On Earth” gem, “Can You Feel It” and “Wild and Hot”, from their last studio album, 1979’s “Sinful”.

Offering a full Angel set that covered all 5 studio albums along with selected solo numbers, the band offered up such classics as “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” from 1978’s masterpiece “White Hot”, “Bad Time”, “The Fortune”, as well as playing for the first time ever Live on this tour “Cast The First Stone”, and a terrific cover of Mott The Hoople’s Bowie written classic “All The Young Dudes”, showing why classic rock is not dead and Live music is alive and well.

In addition to the classics, the guys delivered terrific performances of “Straight Shooter”, from Punky’s 2016 Billboard charting album, “Fallen Angel”, and “Rockin’ In The City” and “Never Again” from Frank’s brilliant solo release, 2015’s “Old Habits Die Hard”, solidifying why Frank DiMino is one of the greatest singers in music today. Punky was on fire and shredding away with such passion and energy, it makes one wonder why Angel was never appreciated more. They were, and still are one of the most underrated bands of all time! Closing out this stellar 17 song set list with “Feeling Right” from 1976’s “Helluva’ Band” you can see why the fans are filling up the venues to see the best show of the year! This band rocks as well as anyone out there today and are only getting better and better with each performance. The band are not hired guns for play, they are all fans who love Angel and they are having the times of their lives bringing these classics to life again for the roaring, enthusiastic packed crowds.

But the night wasn’t over yet, returning to the stage for the encore for the classic anthem “The Tower” from their 1975 self titled debut “Angel.” They enlisted the help of another fellow Angel alumni, none other than the man himself, the legendary Gregg Giuffria, marking the first time in close to 37 years that all three members played together Live, raising the roof off of Count Vamp’d with the loud thunderous applause of the jaw dropped crowd! I loved the HUGE smile of keyboardist Charlie Calv, as he enjoyed one of his hero’s taking command of his keyboards.  It suddenly felt like the 70’s again and magic was in the air as Gregg’s haunting notes of this timeless classic filled the room and everyone was standing to this historic moment in rocking approval and making this fan’s dream come true.

I would like to thank Punky, Frank, Danny, Steve, Billy, and Charlie for their gracious hospitality at the Meet & Greet and a BIG shout out to Danny for making it possible to meet Gregg. I am eternally grateful for everything brother, thank you so much! Last, but not least, thank you to Leah Burlington for your kindness and for taking my photo with Gregg, YOU ROCK! I was happy just meeting him but you gave me a keepsake I will always treasure, many thanks to you for taking the photo.

What makes a person from Maryland get up at 1:30 am to be on the road at 2am, drive 3 hours to the airport, to be 3 hours before a scheduled 8:30am for a 5 hour flight? The love of this band, that’s why. They’re great! I encourage everyone to go out and see the guys on this tour as well as help support live music. Having seen the band Live twice now, once in New Jersey, and now again here in Vegas it was sad to see it all come to an end, but there’s still a silver lining… See ya next month in Nashville.

Round 3 coming up!

Jay Rice / Angel Fan for Life!


On The Rocks

Can You Feel It

Wild and Hot

Rockin’ In The City

Straight Shooter

The Fortune

Cast the First Stone

Bad Time

Don’t Leave Me Lonely

Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore

All the Young Dudes

Never Again

Got Love If You Want It

Anyway You Want It

Feelin’ Right

Rock and Rollers


The Tower

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The Bones Las Vegas @Count’s Vamp’d 5-10-18

The Bones Las Vegas @Count’s Vamp’d 5-10-18

    The Bones: Patrick Vitagliano

     by: Leah Burlington

I am talking with Patrick Vitagliano from an amazing Las Vegas based band called “The Bones” that does twisted covers of old cheesy 80’s tunes and original music. They are a very different kind of band and when you see them live, you will understand why. They have four great albums out, “What Would Ginger Do?”, “Dirty Pretty Things”, “”Ruin Your Rock Show, Live” their live album with all their tongue in cheek covers of 80’s songs and their new album “Caramel” which just recently came out.

  1. Speaking of Caramel, I heard that the cover art for the new album is a painting done by the porn actress, Ginger Lynn. What is the story behind that?
    Patrick: Yeah, Ginger did paint the cover photo for the Caramel record. She’s a pretty talented artist, and that’s actually what she spends most of her time doing these days. I had initially reached out to her in 2013 when I was roughing out the plan for the “What Would Ginger Do?” record, and asked her for permission to use one of her more iconic photos for the album cover. She asked for the MP3 and lyrics to the title track, which impressed me. In the conversations that followed, it became obvious that she cared a lot about properly vetting a project before getting involved, and making sure she wasn’t being represented in a negative way, etc…We hit it off, and have kept in touch since then. She reached out shortly after that, and asked if she could use the title track “What Would Ginger Do?” as the theme song to a show she had on Sirius Radio, which was really great for us in terms of getting the music out to a much wider audience.
    Anyway, cut to 2017, we had just recorded the Caramel record, and I was coming up blank on a cover-art concept. The song Caramel is a dark and tragic story about a girl trapped in her life as stripper. Her name was Caramel. As it was coming time to make a decision, I had nothing. I opened Twitter (which I almost never do), and saw this painting that Ginger had just posted, and it spoke to me. Her tweet was “I just painted her, and she doesn’t have a name, can you help me name her?”. I called Ginger, and and told her that the painting reminded me of a character in our brand new song, Caramel, and asked if she’d be interested in doing another album cover. She once again asked for the MP3 and lyrics. She called me back and said that the song really struck a chord with her, having lived a similar life. She said that she was no stranger to stripping her way across the country in Gold Lame’, and that these lyrics really hit home. She said that in the opening scene of Eddie Murphy’s “The Golden Child”, he’s standing in front of a newsstand, and in the newsstand, you can see her on the cover of Hustler, wearing a Gold Lame’ bikini, and that we had to get together and chat.
    Coincidentally, she had just moved to Vegas, so we got together for breakfast and worked out the details for the album cover.
    She even named the painting “Caramel”.

Ginger is a very cool chick, and you can see her paintings on her website, www.gingerlynnart.com. She also does a top notch crawfish boil!

More of this interview with Patrick in the June issue of “Sin City” Presents

Sons of Apollo 4-27-2018 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Sons of Apollo 4-27-2018 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Sons of Apollo

by: Leah Burlington

I feel like I made the right choice with going to the Sons Of Apollo show last night at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas!!! (I am bummed I missed Kings X!!) Holy crap my friends!! What do you get when you put five of the MOST talented musicians in prog and rock/metal in one band?? You get perfection personified!!! Every member of this band is famous and amazing in their own right. No one overshadowed anyone on that stage. What we had were five guys ripping shit up for the fun of it and having the best time! They played all the songs of their new album and a few covers for shits and giggles. They did short solo’s and didn’t overdo it. All I saw was smiles and jamming like madmen!! It was SO fast paced it was hard to get killer shots, but I think I did ok.

It was an excellent two hour high energy show!!! Don’t miss these guys if they come to your town..

More review in the May issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine

Check out their website here: Sons of Apollo

Sons of Apollo: Alive

Judas Priest & Saxon 4-21-18 Las Vegas

Judas Priest & Saxon 4-21-18 Las Vegas

Judas Priest & Saxon: Las Rageous Fest: Las Vegas

Review by: Steven Troy

Edited by: Leah Burlington

I’m gonna geek out on you and ‘fess up… Judas Priest changed my life. I was just a stoner kid, wandering around the beach in San Diego with a guitar around my neck, listening to stuff like Pink Floyd and Rush, when I found a tape on the ground that said “Judas Priest, Unleashed in the East”. May as well have been in Martian, I had no clue. Took it home… and had to buy another one a couple weeks later. A few months after, they came around, and that was it. My whole world had changed. A couple other bands I got turned on to after that were Iron Maiden and SAXON. I first saw them with Accept, their first ever show in the US, and it was awesome… but Saxon stole the show, as I think they did here… awfully close, for sure. Some controversy, a lot of people were miffed because the mighty Priest played on the smaller, F stage, when other bands that many people did not agree with, played the bigger, main, U stage… for sure, Hollywood Undead had no business being there at ALL. But, that’s how it went down. Saxon rolled on just before Priest, and it was UN! REAL! The kick drums were SO insane, I thought the bricks in the street were gonna start flyin’ around, and the whole sound was THAT huge, just MONSTER! Biff Byford has perhaps the most commanding stage presence of ANYBODY! He just rules the world when he’s onstage, like Moses giving the Ten Commandments. And he has lost NOTHING over the years!  He sounded PERFECT! This was my personal fave set of the weekend… but…

Up next was the Allmighty JUDAS PRIEST. I will never forget the first time I saw this band… 9th grade… do the math… ain’t skeered… and, yeah, it was a life changing experience. Tipton and Downing, with their choreographed twin guitar attack, Halford howlin’! They just blew my mind… but gave me a clear path! I saw that and said   “THAT’S IT! THAT’S how you do it!” And they still do. With KK Downing stepping down in 2011, Richie Faulkner has taken over guitar duties for his parts. Some HUGE shoes to fill, but he played and rocked like Downing. On this tour we found out that the mighty Glenn Tipton has Parkinsons Disease so he is touring with them but only plays the last three songs if he is up to it. In his place is Andy Sneap, doing Tipton’s guitar licks like a pro and he also produced the new kick ass album “Firepower” along with their legendary Priest producer Tom Allom. Now, we all know how dry it is in this desert, and its allergy season… when is it NOT? Halford took a couple songs to adjust… but then it was ON! This man single handedly established the way Rock and Metal singers are expected to sound, influencing EVERYBODY since he busted out in the 70’s. Once he got in a groove… yeah… hold on! SUPER difficult vocal songs, like Freewheel Burnin’ and Painkiller, he straight NAILED. They don’t call this dude the Metal God for nothin’. I, personally, don’t even TRY to sing when April and May come around, I have a hard enough time breathing… But Rob Halford is ROB FUCKING HALFORD! Metal God, indeed. I told some friends early in the evening that the coolest thing that could happen that night was Glenn Tipton jammin’ a few songs… and he did! He rolled onstage for the last 3 songs, and it just made that whole night pure MAGIC! SUPER awesome show, and if you missed it… you missed it!

Saxon and Priest still reign as two of the best metal bands in the world!! All we were missing was Maiden to round out the Unholy Trinity of Metal!! One day…

Check out Judas Priest new killer album Firepower: Judas Priest

Check out Saxon’s new album Thunderbolt: Saxon